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Norkenzie Church

During COVID, we’re meeting the first Friday of the month at 7:00 pm on-the-air on our club repeater at 146.72 MHz (see Club Repeater sidebar).  Early check-in starts at 6:30 with a roll call of members first.  When we meet physically, we’ll meet at the Norkenzie Christian Church, 2530 Crescent Ave., Eugene, Oregon.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. 
For answers to additional questions about the club, read our FAQ document.

Become a Member

Attend a meeting and fill out a membership application for a first reading. Then come to a second meeting and we’ll re-read your membership and vote to have you be a full member. Then pay your annual dues ($24 per individual, $36 per family, or $12 for youth) and you’re in!

Dues may be paid at a club meeting, or you can send them to our treasurer, along with your membership application to:

If you are a member and wish a club roster, send an email to:

Get on the Air Station

Almost every Saturday (when there aren’t U of O home games) from noon to 2:00 pm you can get on the air at our station at the Eugene Science Center, at 2300 Leo Harris Pkwy, Eugene, We have a station open for you to get on the air. We’re able to use multiple bands and even do some digital communication.

Please come and see us and bring a friend.

Read the nice Register-Guard article about our efforts!

Club Member E-mails

After joining Valley Radio Club as a member, you may join our e-mail reflector. This list is open to club members only, as a way to stay in touch with last minute announcements and events:
  – When one person sends a message, everyone on the list gets it
  – The list is managed, so there should be NO spam.
  – Subscribe to our email list. 
  Details of club email rules and etiquette 


We operate on and support two local repeaters.  

Club Officers and By-Laws

Newsletter: The Valley Voice

To submit a suggestion or an article to the newsletter, send an email to:

Club Apparel