Local Nets


An amateur radio net, ham net, or simply net, is an “on-the-air” gathering of amateur radio operators. Nets are low-stress opportunities to test your equipment and practice your abilities.

“Now What?” Net

Specifically for those who just got their license and are asking, “Now what?”

7:00 pm PST
145.450 MHz (123Hz tone)

You can email them at nowwhat@valleyradioclub.org.

VRC Tech Net

This net is specifically designed for asking and answering amateur radio related questions and practicing our skills.

7:00 pm – 7:30 pm PST
146.72 MHz (100Hz tone) on the VRC repeater

Digital Radio Net

This net is discuss all things related to APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) and Packet communication.

8:00 pm PST
146.72 MHz (100Hz tone) on the VRC 2m repeater

“Up the Crick” Net

This net is to encourage license upgrades and to provide a place for new General Class and up hams to “learn the ropes” on an HF band.

7:30 pm PST
28.450 MHz

Slow Code Net

This net is to provide practice and feedback to those who are learning Morse code.  It’s a great place to go slow but get it right.

8:30 pm PST
28.450 MHz

Lunchtime Net

This net is to allow us to chat regularly about what has happened during the week and catch up.

12:00 pm PST
146.72 MHz (100Hz tone) on the VRC 2m repeater

Saturday Halftime Net

Saturdays at noon (PST)–or if there is a University of Oregon Ducks football game, it will start during half-time–on
147.42 MHz simplex  (this is the Valley Club’s go-to simplex frequency)

W7ARD 6 Meter Net

7:00 pm PST
53.030 MHz, -1.7MHz offset (100Hz tone) on the VRC 6m repeater

Sunday Night Schmooze

Come prepared to talk about most anything.

8:00 pm PST
28.450 MHz