Local Nets


An amateur radio net, ham net, or simply net, is an “on-the-air” gathering of amateur radio operators. Nets are low-stress opportunities to test your equipment and practice your abilities.


“Now What?” Net

Specifically for those who just got their license and are asking, “now what?”
(Net managers: Kathryn Catherwood KI7RNU & Joyce Schiavone K9JOY)

7:00 pm PST
145.450 MHz (123Hz tone)

You can email them at nowwhat@valleyradioclub.org.


VRC Tech Net

This net is specifically designed for asking and answering amateur radio-related questions and practicing our skills.
(Net manager: Jim Howell W7EZN)

7:00 pm PST
146.72 MHz (100Hz tone) on the VRC repeater


Digital Radio Net

This net is to discuss all things related to APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) and Packet communication.
(Net manager: John Simpson AI7BQ)

8:00 pm PST
146.72 MHz (100Hz tone) on the VRC 2m repeater


“Up the Crick” Net

This net is to encourage license upgrades and to provide a place for new General Class and up hams to “learn the ropes” on an HF band.
(Net manager: Matt Cecil AF7LB)

7:30 pm PST
28.450 MHz


Slow Code Net

This net is to provide practice and feedback to those who are learning Morse code. It’s a great place to go slow but get it right.
(Net manager: Scott Rosenfeld N7JI)

8:30 pm PST
28.450 MHz


Friday Lunchtime Net

A nice way to cap off the week and catch up with friends.
(Net manager: Gary Hale AG7TH)

12:00 pm PST
146.72 MHz (100Hz tone) on the VRC 2m repeater


Saturday Halftime Net

Saturdays at noon (PST)–or if there is a University of Oregon Ducks football game, it will start during half-time–on 147.42 MHz simplex (this is the Valley Club’s go-to simplex frequency).
(Net manager: Jim Howell W7EZN)


2m SSB Get-together

Does your 2m radio do SSB? If so, join us for this informal get-together!

9:00 am PST
144.200 MHz Upper Side Band
(Net manager: Mike Ashmore, WA6OEM)


W7ARD 6 Meter Net

This net provides practice setting up and operating on 6 meters FM, and a venue for an open exchange among friends.
(Net manager: Gary Hale AG7TH)

7:00 pm PST
53.030 MHz, -1.7 MHz (-1700 kHz) repeater offset, (100Hz tone) on the VRC 6m repeater


Sunday Night Schmooze

Come prepared to talk about most anything.
(Manager: Scott Rosenfeld N7JI)

8:00 pm PST
28.450 MHz