The Valley Radio Club of Oregon (formerly Valley Radio Club of Eugene), located in Eugene, Oregon, was chartered in 1932, and is one of the oldest, continuously operated club stations in the United States. It has been affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) since 1932, and associated with the American Red Cross since 1951. If you are a newly licensed ham operator in our community, please come on by and meet other hams. Our membership is diverse, with ham radio experience ranging from several months to many decades!! Let us share our hamming experiences with you, and you’ll see what ham radio fun is all about!!

We’re becoming a 501(c)(3) Organization!

With the approval of our most recent amendments to our Constitution and By-laws at our on-the-air June meeting, we’re about done!  We submitted our paperwork to the IRS in June and are waiting for approval.  It will likely take many months since the IRS is backed up due to the COVID-19, but we’re on the way.

Club Meetings

During COVID, we’re meeting the first Friday of the month at 7:00 pm on-the-air on our club repeater at 146.72 MHz. We used to meet in the Norkenzie Christian Church at 2530 Crescent Ave., Eugene, Oregon.

Get on the Air

When the Eugene Science Center opens again after this COVID-19 shutdown, on Saturdays from noon to 2:00 pm get on the air at our station there at 2300 Leo Harris Pkwy., Eugene, Oregon.

Are you a new ham?

Congratulations!  Welcome to the fun!  Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Licensing Courses Available

Newsletter: The Valley Voice

President’s Message

Well everyone, we have done some good things for amateur radio while dealing with social distancing. We have had Tech classes vis Zoom thanks to Scott, N7JI, and Matt, W7ARD.  Scott even had a two day Tech class just this last weekend. We have been able to have test sessions at the Red Cross parking lot and filled the need of almost 50 people who wanted to get their license. They came from far and wide. A big  THANK YOU goes to the VE’s who came out and helped with these sessions.

Also have you noticed how well the club meetings on the air have been received and enjoyed…they are such fun and almost like an in-person meeting. A big THANK YOU goes to Brad, N7BED for making it possible for new hams to apply for membership on the VRC web site. It’s nice to see such interest and help being offered.

From my perspective, all is well in the local ham community. A big THANK YOU goes to all of you who are doing your own part to contribute though I didn’t mention each of you.  This is a big family of hams, who meet on the local nets too.  So keep checking in to the nets to stay connected and talk to your friends.

As always…See you on the radio!!!


Riley W7RIL