June 24 -25, 2023, 11:00 am (1800 UTC) Saturday and ending at 1:59 pm (2059 UTC) Sunday.

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What is Field Day?

ARRL Field Day is the single most popular on-the-air event held annually in the US and Canada. It is a time where many aspects of Amateur Radio come together to highlight our many roles and interests. Field Day is a picnic, a campout, practice for emergencies, an informal contest and, most of all, FUN!

Where will it be?

This year’s Field Day will be held at Jasper State Park southeast of Springfield next to the Willamette River.

The park features a large covered shaded pavilion with picnic tables, water, electricity, BBQ, riverside trails, Frisbee golf, kid’s playground and an off-leash dog park.

This year we will have the opportunity to operate throughout the night with limited signup time slots available; some camping will be permitted for nighttime operators. Gates close at dusk.


Field Day gives the public a first-hand opportunity to experience Amateur Radio.

Field Day is fun, integrating camping, camaraderie, and radio contacts. Amateur radio has existed for more than 100 years and is a great DIY hobby, providing learning opportunities in computers, electronics, geography, math, and physics, with no age limits.

A TV segment from our summer Field Day balloon launch in June 2021 is here: https://youtu.be/M9hFLzmSGMI

It includes friendly competition.

Radio operators earn points for each unique contact they make over the air. There are also incentives to get non-hams and youth on the air.

Points available:

Regular contacts, called QSOs (using <150 watts of power)
The same station using Morse code, digital, and voice are considered separate contacts (except 10m and up)
2 pts/contact
Youth making a contact 20 pts/youth
Promoting Field Day via social media (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) 100 pts
100% Emergency power 100 pts
GOTA* Bonus (if 20 or more up to 100) 1 pt/contact/operator
GOTA* Coach present double above
Media Publicity (if local media runs some) 100 pts
Set-up in Public Place 100 pts
Information Booth 100 pts
Message to ARRL SM/SEC sent 100 pts
W1AW Field Day Message (if copied) 100 pts
NTS/ICS-213 messages handled (up to 100) 10 pts/message
Satellite QSO completed (only 1 required) 100 pts
Natural power QSOs completed 100 pts
Site Visit by Invited Elected Official 100 pts
Site Visit by Invited Served Agency Official 100 pts
Educational Activity Bonus 100 pts
Safety Officer Bonus 100 pts
Field Day web app submission 50 pts

*GOTA = Get-on-the-Air station specifically for new hams and guests to make a radio contact with a trained coach.

Details at http://arrl.org/field-day-rules