EmComm Special Interest Group

Emergency Communications (EmComm)

Here are the links to recommended FEMA classes.

The test at the end of each is open book, so don’t feel you must memorize every detail.

On the web page linked above, there is a box to the right of the text which says “TAKE THIS COURSE.”  You will also see a box that says”TAKE FINAL EXAM” and explains that to take the exam and get your printable certificate, you need a FEMA SID (Student ID number).  Click on the “register for one here.”

Once you have your SID, go to the “TAKE THIS COURSE” box and click on the words “interactive web-based course” to begin.

This takes you to a page with a link for a printable copy of the course materials.

There are arrows at the bottom of each page.  Use those to navigate through the lesson.  Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.  There are lots of acronyms, but it’s the concepts that are most important for EmComm.


Author: Kathryn Catherwood