Prez Message

President’s Message

It’s nice to know that we are making it through this year with all that’s happened. The fires up the Makenzie with the big loss of property and some temporary loss of ham communication infrastructure and not being able to meet with one another with our usual meetings. The good thing is that all those responsible for repairing or replacing the equipment have been working together to make it happen. Where needed, temporary equipment has been put into service to restore communications

Other god news is that we have been able to have monthly VE testing thanks to Matt, W7ARD, at Norkenzie Christian Church for the last few months. We have had good response as we ae one of the few groups still testing. and there has been an up swing in demand due to folks wanting to get licensed. Thanks to all those who help at the test sessions too.

Finally, as many of you know we lost a very big friend to local ham radio with the passing of Jim Silke, K7TBL. Jim did so many things behind the scene for ham radio that so many hams didn’t realize. He was a pioneer in so many things and did them with a smile on his face and accepted a ‘thank you’ as payment. Jim will surely be missed by the ham community.

Thank you for being part of VRC.

As always…See you on the radio.


Riley W7RIL

Author: Riley McLean