Radio Event Details

Field Day is June 26-27, 2021

On Field Day, amateur radio operators and clubs throughout the U.S. and Canada assemble temporary stations with computers, radios, antennas, batteries, and generators.  Most Field Day stations are in places that aren’t “typical” locations from which to operate, including parks, parking lots, and mountaintops. We talk with each other over distances great and small for 24 hours, and then completely tear down the stations.

By doing this, hams become proficient at gearing up for and operating in emergencies (like earthquakes, wildfires and floods), and being prepared to serve the public (like the Boston Marathon, Waldo 100k trail run).  Field Day also gives the public the opportunity to experience amateur radio, first-hand.  Additionally, stations can compete with each other for points based on contacts and public involvement.

This year, the Valley Radio Club will be encouraging members to do any or all of the following:

  • Visit our Get-On-the-Air (GOTA) station Saturday outside on the Science Factory grounds, 2300 Leo Harris Pkwy, Eugene, and get on HF with an experienced ham at your side to help & coach
  • Do a bunny hunt in the 10:00 am prior to Field Day’s start
  • Watch and track a balloon launch with radio tracking on Saturday
  • Participate at home on HF or satellite
  • Join a friend (with considerations regarding COVID) who is on the air for Field Day
  • Add your contact points with others in the club so we can compete collectively

Field day contacts officially run from 11:00 am Saturday to 1:59 pm Sunday.


  • We will begin antenna and station set-up at 7:30 am Saturday morning.  We’ll close at 7:00 pm Saturday evening.
  • The bunny hunt will begin at 10:00 am near the GOTA station on the lawn of the Science Center.
  • Field Day contacting officially runs from 11:00 am Saturday to 1:59 pm Sunday, Pacific Standard Time.
  • The balloon launch will occur Saturday afternoon. The tracking will be via APRS.
  • Rules for Field Day are determined by the ARRL. Due to COVID, they are allowing stations from club members to aggregate points for their club and use different power levels than usual.

If you would like to combine your contact points with other VRC members, contact Jeremy KB1WDM at

We hope you can visit our station, and even make a few contacts while you’re visiting!