Upcoming Event Details

Our Next Club Meeting for 2022

We’re having another “On The Air” meeting of 2022 happening Friday, February 4.

Club dues for 2022 are due now and you can conveniently pay by mailing a check or using a credit/debit card online. For more information please email treasurer@valleyradioclub.org. According to Brad, N7BED as of the first few days of the year, more than half of the 157 club members have already paid their 2022 dues. Thank you!!!

For the meeting, Brad N7BED will take early check-ins beginning at around 6:30 PM. He will use roll call and going by current members roster. Non-members and visitors are welcome to check in after the regular roll call.

Hope to hear you on the air this Friday, everyone welcome. (members and non-members)

Friday February 4th, 2022.
Freq. 146.720 MHz with minus offset and a 100Hz subtone.
6:30 PM & 7:00 PM.

The VRC board:

Riley, W7RIL, President
Sergio, W7SY, Vice-President
Marilyn, K7YL, Secretary
Brad, N7BED, Treasurer
Nelson, NF7Z, Member-at-Large

Benefits of Valley Radio Club membership:
– Monthly scheduled club meetings. (Always attended by 50 or more members)
– We support two repeaters that cover most of the Willamette Valley with an outstanding uptime (Club cost: $720 per year plus volunteer maintenance)
– We built and maintain a club station at the Science Factory to learn HF, VHF, CW or Digital.
– We provide equipment, expertise and support for a yearly overnight Field Day and free BBQ (Except during Covid-19 Restrictions).
– Weekly scheduled nets to help with technical questions, Morse code, for new hams and for just having fun chatting on the radio.
– We offer regular workshops for building or learning new skills.
– We offer free email list connectivity to ask questions and read information on general or special interest group questions.
– We support a website with many on-line resources.
– We offer free license upgrade classes.
– Monthly scheduled licensing testing staffed through our volunteers. Cost of testing $15.00 (as of 2021).
– We have interesting or educational presentations at meetings.
– Elmer advice at meetings.
– Bunny Hunts events (Fox Hunts) several times a year.
– Several Special Interest Groups like DX, Digital, Elecraft Owners Group, etc.
– December “Buy Your Own Pizza” Holiday/Christmas party.  An evening of fun and friendship, usually attended by 50 to 70 friends, members and their family.