Proposed Constitution and By-laws Change

At our March 6, 2020, club meeting it was proposed on behalf of the board, to make two changes to our recently adopted Constitution and By-laws, and vote on these at our April 3rd meeting.  Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we couldn’t do the vote in April or May.  We’re now going to do it at our next meeting, which will be on the air on the club repeater on June 5th.

Proposal 1: 

Move the section on how to prorate dues (Article VI, Section 3a, where 1/12th for each month of membership) from the Constitution and By-laws to our Policies and Procedures document.


Dues are still required to be prorated in the constitution, but this change allows the formula for prorating to be more easily adjusted if the dues amount changes.

As it stands now, dues have to be in increments of $12 (granted increments of $6 and $4 also work, but that then involves coins–which is much messier at meetings).  If, for example, next year after we see what our financial situation is with membership growth and new liabilities, we can drop dues down to $20/year dues or need to go to $25, we cannot easily prorate them as per the constitution at 1/12th per month.  If we ever want to change the dues to something not in $12 increments, we not only have to vote as a membership at two separate meetings, but would have to change the constitution and resubmit it to the IRS with a different prorating schedule.

Proposal 2:

Move the Conflict of Interest Policy (Article X) from Policies and Procedures to the Constitution and By-laws.


Our constitution committee chair, Brian KJ7IPC, realized while completing the 501(c)(3) application that the Conflict of Interest Policy should have been in the Constitution and By-laws.  This is to deliberately make it more difficult to change.


We wish to make these both changes before we submit our 501(c)(3) application with our Constitution and By-laws to the IRS.

Author: wpxladmin